Personal Project: The Rookie Chronicles, Game 1


The Marlins had their first game on Monday evening.

The day was warm, but the evening turned cooler. As the Central Jersey skies quickened to dark, the other team put on a late rush. However, the good guys (the Marlins) held on to win 5-4.


Last year, in T-ball, score wasn’t kept, the kids are just learning. They are still learning this year, but structure of a “game” are now in place.

Runs are scored. There are winners and losers.

Pregame Huddle_bw_041717_IMG_4199

Chase went 1-for-3 with a swinging bunt that he beat out for a hit. I was more excited than I expected to be. So excited to see him up to bat, I never even took any pics of him.

Chase_eye black_crop_bw_041717_IMG_4186

Well, at least while he was playing…

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Make Prints 2017 – #3

March prints_041217_MG_4023

Stacks of goodness documenting March arrived last week.

A visit to Asbury Park, family stuff, a controlled burn and a new puppy were all part of the mix.

And a nice little group shot, too.


About 120 4×6’s in all. Metallic finish, done by my friends AdoramaPix!

Make prints, folks. Get those images off your hard drives!

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Easter Monday

Sad Bunny_2014

Been a long, busy weekend around these parts. Kids still off one more day, then they head back for the one last push before summer vacation.

Saturday night, my wife and I “delivered” a lot of Easter eggs around the yard, dropping dozens of plastic eggs on the grass, in the landscaping even up in trees. With kids at 10, 6 and 5, they were looking forward to Easter morning “hunt.” In fact, my two youngest – the boys – were up at 3 a.m. (yes, you read that right) and then at 6, all eager to get started.

By mid-afternoon, after the hunt, and breakfast and Easter services, they were running low on gas. We all piled into the car – took Bo too – and headed down to Asbury Park. It was about 85 degrees, probably the nicest Easter Sunday I can remember.

Since the squad was all gussied up in their Easter best, I had to take the opportunity to get a new family photo. Of course, it took a few takes.


Show Your Work

In the end, though, we got a pretty nice photo that I can print and we’ll most like hang on a wall someplace.

Family_Easter 2017_MG_4248

Easter Sunday 2017

We’re memory-keepers, folks. We have these cameras on our shoulders or in our pockets and we’re entrusted with documenting these scenes and keeping these memories safe.

It’s what we do.

Whether you just celebrated Easter or Passover or just the weekend, here’s hoping you documented those memories.

Even if it’s a sad-looking bunny on a train.

Let’s keep after it, and drive on.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.15.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_041517

What a week.

A week dominated by an airline and a MOAB.


This was supposed to be a holy week, right? The most solemn weeks in all of in Judaism and Christianity?

Passover first, then leading up and into Easter?

Instead, we were treated to unruly passengers and unruly airlines. And the dropping of bombs.

Ugh. Enough of that.

Me, I shot picture of kids and of puppies. I ate water ice and made cole slaw.

I made prints and bought a baseball glove.

My week was good. How was yours?


This week’s links:

Happy Birthday Eadweard Muybridge, Cornell Capa, Imogen Cunningham, James P. Blair

What I watched this week: Smokey And The Bandit

What I’m reading this week: M Train

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Via HBR: How to fit more reading into your life

Via TIME: 5 cameras better than your phone (#6: Canon 610SX – I’m made some sweet photos of mine the past weeks.)

Oh and…How are those stories coming along?

“My pictures are the ‘words,’ which make ‘sentences,’ which in turn make up the story.” ~ Cornell Capa

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