JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10 | 03 | 15

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A new month.

Another mass shooting in the United States.

New Jersey has breathed a sigh of relief. Hurricane Joaquin won’t really affect us, save for some rain and no-so-high winds.

And another mass shooting in the United State.

The NY Mets clinched the playoffs. The Yankees did too, sort of.

And another mass shooting in the United States.

But hey, Demi Lovato posed nude, without make-up, for Vanity Fair. Spontaneously, of course, because some things are still spontaneous in this world. I was going to link to the VF article….but really, who cares.

There was another mass shooting in the United States.

Fifteen since President Obama took office.

I’m not blaming him. I’m sure he’s saddened.

But while we all care how our fantasy football teams will do this weekend (well, except me, I don’t do fantasy)….

Another mass shooting in the United States.


This Week’s Links…

* Here’s the video of the Q&A with the Springsteen photographers I wrote about earlier in the week. Long watch, about an hour, but worth it.

* You may not dig Tim Tebow the football player, but you gotta dig Tim Tebow, the human.

* An examination of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks.

* Via Garden & Gun, three lessons from Southern grandmothers.

* via British Journal of Photography, Forty Year Ago, And The Tour That Made Springsteen.

* “The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night – And I love the rain.” ~ Langston Hughes.

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Getting Ready

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No Friday Noir this week. I have a some up under my fedora but still working on them.

Instead, as the Great State of New Jersey prepares for some wet weather, I made this landscape image last evening.

Looks like we’ll get hit with a wet and wild Nor’easter, and not get rocked by a hurricane. Still, I couldn’t avoid this one.

With apologies to Aerosmith and/or Run DMC… for the caption.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

A Great Day In West Long Branch

From L to R: Ed Gallucci, Eric Meola, Barry Schneier, Danny Clinch, Frank Stefanko

From L to R: Ed Gallucci, Eric Meola, Barry Schneier, Danny Clinch, Frank Stefanko

Kinda strange, odd, weird, fun where life takes you sometimes.

If you would have told me about 14, 15 months ago, I’d be photographing five of the biggest Springsteen photographic historians, I would have said “What? How? Who?”

And yet, this past Sunday, I did just that.

Life can be crazy cool.

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There’s a new photo exhibit at Monmouth University, in West Long Branch, NJ, titled: Bruce Springsteen: A Photographic Journey. It’s a traveling photography exhibition curated by the GRAMMY Museum Los Angeles. According to the press release…It features 45 iconic images of Bruce Springsteen. The exhibit serves to document a great American music legend, and will feature photos taken by noted Springsteen photographers Barry Schneier, Danny Clinch, Ed Gallucci, Eric Meola, Pamela Springsteen and Frank Stefanko. Additionally, the exhibit features video interviews with each of the photographers, produced by the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.

Currently, the exhibit is at Monmouth U’s Rechnitz Hall DiMattio Gallery. (Not for nothing, the main building at Monmouth U was the “home” to Daddy Warbucks in the film version of Annie)

Danny Clinch and Barry Schneier

Danny Clinch and Barry Schneier

Of course, I wanted to check this out. I expected to just see the exhibit, maybe shoot a photo or two. Then Kevin Farrell, a charter member of the Friends Of Bruce Springsteen Collection, said “Hey, you’re covering this for Backstreets.com right? I’ll write it up, you do the photos…”

I was in like flynn.

(c)Attendee_(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_092715_8269

(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_Frank from above_092715_3724

So, I started shooting, recording the event with my camera. The exhibit downstairs, the Q&A session with the photographers upstairs. Saw it all in B&W – like many of the Springsteen photos in the exhibit – so I kept it that way in post.

Frank Stefanko, who shot the Darkness On The Edge Of Town album cover.

Frank Stefanko, who shot the Darkness On The Edge Of Town album cover.

Ed Gallucci, who captured Springsteen in is his earliest of days.

Ed Gallucci, who captured Springsteen in is his earliest of days.

Danny Clinch's ever present Leica.

Danny Clinch’s ever present Leica.

For me, it was great to listen to the Q&A with the photographers, and to “talk shop” with each of them a bit. All super nice, all great to chat with, be it about Springsteen, or their current work (check out Eric Meola’s storm-stalking photos here.)

It was also cool to chat with some other creatives, like Frank Caruso. Frank is an artist and VP with King Features. However, his most recent book was a collaboration with Bruce himself – a children’s book called Outlaw Pete.

Artist Frank Caruso

Artist Frank Caruso

Of course, I was fanboying a lot. Had to get a shot Eric….and get some portraits and books I had signed by the guests of honor.

Me and Eric Meola

Me and Eric Meola



Needless to say, it was a great reception and opening. I’m still amazed where this little electronic box takes me sometimes…

*BTW…The title of this post is an homage to the Art Kane’s famous photograph, A Great Day In Harlem

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09 | 26 | 15

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Out here in the country, the corn is turning to brown. Local farms are carving out mazes, pumpkins are in the fields. Leaves are turning.

Wednesday was the official first day of Fall. I took my dogs out early in the morning, and saw my breath. Time waits for no one.

Two days earlier, one of the biggest projects of my corporate career was launched. This new website. It’s a pretty big deal in my company, and I had a wonderful team to work with. Now I get to manage it.

The project was a long time in development – nearly 24 months. At times, it felt like a death march. But now it’s out the door, just like that.

Like I said, time waits for no one.


This Week’s Links:

* Born on this date: Photographer Lewis Hine.

* Joe McNally on Two Approaches

* According to SCIENCE, this is the most iconic rock song.

* RIP Yogi Berra.

* These images by Bill Yates are fantastic.

* Unbecoming Dashiell Hammett.

* Good read here from author and ex-LAPD detective, Paul Bishop, on film noir.

* Outtakes.

* “To play it safe is not to play.” ~ Robert Altman

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


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