Corporate Work: Whole Lotta Headshots

Spring House_mosaic_110117

A couple of weeks ago, I headed back to one of  our corporate locations in Spring House, Pennsylvania.

While across the state line, it’s only about 35 miles from me. New Jersey Turnpike to PA Turnpike, get off and there it is.

I really like the main lobby here as it’s really bright and affords me a lot of natural light.

Also, as I looked around, I saw a few different set ups I could do just by moving people around a little, but still staying in the main location.

Here’s a few of the set-ups I used. The photos up top here show how they look with people in them.

I started everyone off in front of this blue wall.

Set Up 1_Spring House_112017

The stairway gave me another look, though, to be honest, some of the participants didn’t look to comfortable standing next to it. No matter, we just didn’t use those photos!

Set Up 2_Spring House_112017

Just to left (camera left) of the blue wall was this little space where people could have a conversation or plug in their lap top. It had this half-curve of frosted glass. I found, that by putting up a LED light behind it to shoot through, I got a nice backlit hue on the glass.

Set Up 3_Spring House_112017

Brian, the gent in the upper right of the mosaic, shows what it looks like in action.

The lobby area also had some taller tables that I had people leaning on, as well as this great orange couch which I’ve used once before. It adds a nice little splash of color.

The shoot was scheduled to start at 8 a.m., but I got there at 6:30 a.m. Gave me plenty of time to check out the scene, set up my little marks (pieces of black tape in an X) and play around with what may work. In addition to these setup, I threw in a couple of more inside, as well as some shots outside, as you can see above.

I didn’t shoot everyone in every spot, but it was nice to have options.

Gear wise, I went with my Canon 70D with the 24-105 lens, and my Fuji X100t. I have to say…I’m like the images from my Fuji more than the Canon files lately. I like the look and the crispness of the X100T better. I also think my 24-105 may need to be calibrated.

Overall, I was happy with these head shots. It was another good learning opportunity for me. Some folks were great in front of the camera, some were a little more stiff. It’s our job as photographers to get them to loosen up and enjoy the experience a little.

And give them the best head shots possible.

As usual, we weren’t done until the final portrait was taken.

Flo_wrap_Spring House_112017

When Flo said it was a wrap…THEN it was a wrap.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.18.17

JSP_visual week in review_111817

I’m guilty, too.

For all my condemnation of people that don’t do it, I’m as bad as they are.

I don’t back up.

Or, at least as well as I should.

I get lazy. I had been backing up my work to a 3 TB Seagate drive. And, for the most part, to a Dropbox account.

But I get lazy and I don’t back up as well as I should to Dropbox. And now, I’m paying the price. Literally.

Last week, I tripped over the cord of the Seagate drive and it fell from the chair it was on, down about 3 feet to the floor. I plugged it back in, and it was fine.


Then I did it again. Oops.

And it wasn’t fine. The drive started clicking. Groan.

I halfway thought about taking the cover off and trying to fix it myself. But I knew I’d just ruin it further.

So, I found the Seagate Recovery Service website, paid the initial fee and got it into the mail.

I need these photos back, and I need it done correctly.

This will be the second spin drive that I’ve had to have fixed. I need to move to solid-state, i think. Or just REALLY big USB sticks.

Or, you know, just back up my work to Dropbox more.

Folks..don’t be like me.

Back up your work.

100 percent of it.


Birthdays this week: Alfred Wertheimer, Charles Belden, Robert Stivers, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, Louise Dahl-Wolfe

What I Watched This Week: Chasing Trane

Also: The Journey Is The Destination

Video: How to calibrate your camera’s autofocus (but only if you have a high-end digital camera)

Harlem in the 1980s

From the NY Times: The Women Who Covered Vietnam

Video (10 minutes): David Burnett on assignment in Texas, 1980s

“You have all these experiences and they become part of the collective memory. It takes a while to realize that your perspective is an important ingredient.” ~ Alfred Wertheimer

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Friday Noir: Suckers And Sour Looks


“Sure, the suckers all give me sour looks.

The minute they stop, I’m worried, see, because then I know I’m not on my toes.

And that’s where I’m stayin’.

Ready to hit the first guy that’s fool enough to try and cross me in the first place.”

Robert Taylor in Johnny Eager (1941)



Where did I get this inspiration for this image?

From the great Gordon Parks.

His 1948 LIFE story on a Harlem gang leader included a frame of a young African American male, Red, in profile, with the light camera left, much like this. Red is holding a cigarette and the light is slightly hard. Mine is softer lightof course.

Lighting specs: A Neewer 160 LED light in a Neewer 47″ softbox.

Again, it’s not a straight re-creation (though I may try to do that at some point) but I just love Gordon’s image,and its stuck with me.

The fantastic writer and historian John Edwin Mason did a great examination of Gordon’s story here. Check it out and click through the slideshow. Number 7 is one that has stuck with me.

Jersey Noir gets it’s start in interesting areas, eh?

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Throwback Thursday: Out Of The Past Portraits

OR_femme fatale

Actress Olivia Rorick, 2008

Today is #throwbackthursday, as all the kids say. I happened to be going through some old files this week, and a came across two portraits I shot almost 10 year ago now.

Leading off, actress Olivia Rorick at an Irish pub in Chelsea, NYC, back in 2008.

Since it’s Noirvember, my thoughts always go back to shooting this “femme fatal” from the Two Detectives play that I worked on.



And here, a model in Dobbs Ferry, New York. I took a Joe McNally lighting workshop,  in 2009, and had the opportunity to work some very talented people. Came across this pic in color, but thought it would look good in B&W.

Don’t get rid of those old files, folks. Never know when you might discover some forgotten gems.

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