Into The Wilderness…It Could Cost You

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There was some hullabaloo (good word; we should use it more) last week about the U.S. Forest Service talking about charging media $1,500 for permits to for still photography and commercial filming on the 36 million acres of National Forest System lands. (Read the full directive here. Much easier to read news accounts.)

This permit wouldn’t be just for those folks photographing buffalo with their 300mm lenses, but for any bloke taking photos or videos even on an iPhone. The fine for not getting a permit would be punishable with a $1,000 offense.

Ansel Adams is turning over in his grave.

Of course, after much outcry, the Forest Service has backed off it’s fine language.

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I just don’t understand how this stuff gets out before a level-headed PR flack taps someone on the shoulder and says “Uh, have we thought this through?”

Getting a permit is all well and good (though a pain in the next at time). Even in NYC, if you want to drop a tripod, you run the risk of law enforcement involvement. Nothing serious, just someone telling you you can’t do that. I experienced that first hand in Grand Central Terminal a few years ago. Then again, getting a permit isn’t too difficult.

Now, I’m not into landscape photography too much. I do shoot landscapes, but I don’t normally seek it out unless I can get a person in it to give it scale, like the handstand shot I took in Vermont that leads off this post. To me, it’s always good to get a person in there the frame. Just gives it some context, some drama.

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But I couldn’t imagine being in one of our national parks, snapping a shot and then having the Park Service roll up on you.

If anything, they should be helping you move a mountain when you’re trying to take a shot of a bee.

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Weekend Shot: Goin’ Apple Pickin’

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An absolute beautiful Fall weekend just passed us here in the Great State of New Jersey.

Warm daytime temps (actually, hot) and cool evenings. After a couple of Saturdays away from the family, it was nice to spend a whole weekend at home, with them.

Saturday, we went out the local orchards to do some apple picking. I normally document this family event, so it’s getting to be a challenge to find new looks.

This was a little moment, though, where Matthew wanted to pull the wagon ’cause, you know, he’s a big boy and all. I thought a vintage treatment would be nice for this one, so that’s they way I went with it.

Frankly, his wagon-pulling didn’t last long. In fact, his apple picking didn’t last long either. He spent more of the time like this.

Family Weekend + Apple Picking + Nik Silver Vintage = This Weekend Shot

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.27.14

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And just like that….it’s Fall.

I know it officially became Fall here in the Great State of New Jersey, but it literally seemed liked it happen overnight. The trees, all of a sudden, are shedding their greens and putting on coats of golds and reds and oranges. The days are still nicely warm – great beach days – but the evenings are cool. Great grass growing weather!

What a busy month. I think this is only my second Visual Week In Review for the month. First it was the Spartan Race on a Saturday that got me out early; last week, it was the symposium at Monmouth University (best part comes early,at the :37 mark. Heh.)

It was a really great week, though. Between the symposium, and an evening with Thom Zimny, I’m almost Boss’ed out. Almost. The capper of the week, though, was, mid-week, bumping into Bruce himself down in Red Bank. Guess I finally have “I saw Bruce Springsteen” story that it seems every NJ person has. It’s like seeing a lion in the wild.

This weekend, it’s supposed to be more summer-like than Fall-like. Sunny and mid-80s both days. Me and the family have decidedly Fall activities planned, though – apple picking, and hit the pumpkin patch. Halloween decorations already out and the flurries will start to fly soon enough. (Disgustingly, I’ve even seen Christmas decorations out at a local drugstore. Bah.)

Go. Shoot. Have fun this weekend.


This Week’s Links:

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* Yearbook photos of rock ‘n roll icons.

* I heard an interview with Mark Landis on NPR. Just and incredible story.

* Via ASMP….so, it IS about the gear??

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* Good read: What the history of rock ‘n roll teaches us about innovation and self-reinvention.

* #2 retires.

* James Nachtwey: 30 years in TIME

* Patience.

* “The point in photography is that you picture what you know is there not what you can see.”Reinfried Marass

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Friday Noir: Deep Part Of The Night

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A cold wind rakes in from the ocean, over the boardwalk.

It spiders its way around corners and down the dark alleys of this town.

Summer fun is a long time away.

Still…the sound when you rack the slide of your Model 12 is colder than the air.

You turn your collar up higher, blow on your hands.

Just this one time, you say.

Just this one time to get out from under once and for all.

Car’s running, a nip from the pint in your pocket. Blood pounding in your ears.

Time to go.

Sometimes you gotta test the timber of your heart, in the deep part of the night.

And get out from under.

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