BTS Sunday: Hustling at Mid-Night


A quick behind-the-scenes look at The Mid-Night Hustle image from Friday.

Truth be told, I probably should have popped another background or overhead light to provide a bit more separation between the black hat and the black background.

I did like the soft red glow the tissue paper gave me to simulate a neon light look. A cheap and easy way to alter the light.

Shot with my Fuji X100T, f/2, 1/15th, ISO 400.

And, yes, I purposefully hyphenated mid-night. The Man In The Fedora was having his conversation around 1:30-2 a.m., not at midnight.

There you have it. Simple and easy Jersey Noir. 

Have any questions? Drop them in the comments or shoot me an email.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.19.18

Visual Week In Review_051918

My week in review:

  • Sunday was Mother’s Day
  • Tuesday was me and Leslie’s 14th wedding anniversary
  • Wednesday was my Mom & Dad’s 54 wedding anniversary
  • Thursday was my son Chase’s 8th birthday
  • Friday was my nephew’s birthday

And also…

One week, two ends of the spectrum.


This week’s links:

What I’m reading this week: The Air Raid Killer

What I watched this week: 20 minutes of Capote. Man, Philip Seymour Hoffman is good.

I also read about, and watched on YouTube, a good bunch on Albert Watson.

The Atlantic: How the 50mm lens became normal.

FStoppers: The first travel photographer

Rangefinder: Is LED the future of flash photography?

Is concert photography just PR now?

When John Vachon (who’s birthday it is today) photographed Marilyn.

“I think of that with my photographs. I think of them as ‘found’ paintings because I don’t crop them, I don’t manipulate them or anything. So they’re like ‘found’ objects to me”. ~ Dennis Hopper

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Friday Noir: The Mid-Night Hustle

(c)jerseystylephotography_mid night hustle_2018


Overheard under the warm neon glow of a gin joint in a some city, some where….

What’s that you say?

You need cabbage?

I can help with that.

A slick jalopy with fat tires and a fast engine?

I can help with that.

Some muscle?

I can help with that.

A dame?

That last one… no, you don’t want that, believe me.

Listen, everyone in this world is on some kind of hustle. You can’t let your guard down.

Everyone is trying to find something that felt like redemption.

We believe in foolish things, whatever keeps us breathing for another tomorrow, and getting us through the night.

You gotta be a fast learner of the mid-night hustle.

Have a tombstone hand and a graveyard mind. Don’t mind dyin’, either.

You’re never gonna change the world, brother. It’s full of rough tumbles and bad intentions. Just hang on as best you can.

Now, go back inside, listen to the crooner on the box, and drink your fill.

And forget about that dame, fella.

Believe me.

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Asbury Park Music & Film Festival Part Five: Final Cuts


This is the fifth in a series about covering the Asbury Park Music And Film Festival 2018. Part 1 is herePart 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here.

Even though I only shot one day of the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival, as you can see, I got a lot done during the day. Can you imagine if I  had covered more than one day?

I had to put the hard press on to shoot the event this year. When I photographed the event in 2017, it was a the request of Chris Philips, editor of Because Springsteen, Southside Johnny and Little Steven were slated to appear (well, Johnny and  Steven at least), there was the reason for the hire.

Even though I shoot in Asbury Park a lot, and I’m making some contacts, in the week leading up to the event, I still didn’t have a sponsor. Thanks to Sammy Steinlight who does PR for this event for bringing me on board and getting me the photo pass. He’s great to work with and I do appreciate it.

Here’s some final cuts from that Saturday at the APMFF.

Kenny Stringbean Sorensen_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0369

Kenny “Stringbean” Sorenson, one of the performers.


Doug Zambon_mkrajnak_042818_IMG_0135

Doug Zambon, The Vansaders

Kyle Zupe_mkrajnak_042818_DSCF1508

Kyle Zupe of The Vansaders, in the shadow of the Berkeley Hotel

Ron Santee_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0497

Ron Santee, lead singer of The Battery Electric


Asbury Park photographer Connie Freestone in action.


A last look on my way out of town. Never gets old.

My gear for this shoot:

It was a great day, I saw some cool bands, got to shoot Danny DeVito and meet some great photographers. I love seeing this event grow, much like the Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge.

Hope you didn’t mind five posts on this same shoot day. Too much? Let me know what you think.

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